About us

What are Bem Casados?

Bem casado is a must have in any wedding in Brazil: it’s a traditional brazilian dessert served at weddings for more than 100 years.

It’s a kind of sponge cake filled with a secret recipe of dulce de leche cream, beautifully wrapped in italian crepom paper and satin ribbon. The words bem casado means “good marriage” in portuguese. It is traditionally served at weddings to bring luck and prosperity to the newly married couple, symbolizing their union and compromise.

Brazilian “bem casado” is a version of a portuguese recipe. Bem casados by Victoria started making these irresistible sweets in 2005 and never stopped. Today bem casados are not only served at weddings but in birthday parties, baby showers and corporate events as well. We also offer brazilian traditional sweets such as the famous brigadeiro, beijinho and much more. Our Delectable Art Sweets are made with love, our special ingredient to make them look gorgeous and taste delicious.

We work hard to meet our clients needs and offer the best quality!

About Luzenita

The passion for cooking is a trademark on Luzenita’s life. She was born in a very small town in Brazil, and grew up with the very natural country life style at her parents farm. Since then she has demonstrated a gastronomic creativity, which she considers divine. She has always been known for the diversity of fresh home made pastries and delectable sweets and has been doing it for over 50 years.

Luzenita has been living in America for the past 25 years, but it was not until 12 years ago that she started her successful business in Florida. The idea came when her daughter was planning her wedding in Miami and she realized there was not a single culinary professional able to make “Bem Casados” in the US. After the wedding, overlooking the opportunity, Luzenita decided to make the Bem Casados herself and it turned out a great success!

For the past 12 years, Bem Casados by Victoria has been serving clients in social events in prestigious five star hotels in South Florida and nationwide as well, not limited to weddings but also corporate events for famous brands such as: FENDI Casa, Luxurious Living and financial institutions.

Why “by Victoria”?

By the time Luzenita got started with her business in Florida, her youngest granddaughter, Victoria, was born, and she decided to name the business “by Victoria” as a tribute. Luzenita’s Bem Casados are handmade with love, with a special and exclusive recipe.

How can I place an order for my event?

Send an e-mail to info@bemcasadosbyvictoria.com or fill our contact form.
It’s important to place your order at least 15 days in advance of your event. *exceptions may apply

Is there a minimum order?
Yes, the minimum quantity for bem casados and other delectable art sweets is 50.

Can I customize the wrapping color, shapes and ribbon?
Yes, we offer customized wrapping for your event. Let us know!

Where do you the deliver to?
Within nationwide USA and Caribbean

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