Bem casados are known, specially, for a wedding tradition over 100 years of existence. This unique tasteful sweet is a must have in any wedding in Brazil and is very classic as a favor gift nowadays in many events – including the corporate field.


“Bem Casado” is used to decorate, to taste and to offer as a favor gift at the end of weddings in order to wish luck and prosperity to the newly married couple.

Baby showers

Following the wedding tradition, “Bem Nascido” is a version of “Bem Casados”. It is a great way to announce and welcome the newborns.


With different wrapping colors “Bem Casado” gives a special touch to your celebration!

Corporate events
Companies promote the biggest events every season. Promotional parties, product launch and celebrations. We offer customized wrapping with your company logo, shapes and colors. It is a great way to marketing.
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